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Huron Gold

Superior Pale

Wooly Mammoth Double IPA

16th Street Brown

Michigan IPA

Double Oatmeal Stout

Ontario Porter

Scotch Ale

Erie Stout

Amarillo Biscuit


Red Wine6ozWhite Wine6oz
Pinot Grigio$5.00


Hard Cherry$4.50$3.75$1.50
Hard Apple$4.50$3.75$1.50

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About 5 Lakes Brewing Co. Beers


Huron Gold

This Gold Ale gets its light color from its pilsen malt base. A nice addition of Cascade and Czech hops complement the malt very nicely with an earthy and herbal aroma and taste. The clean finish of this beer makes it very crushable.


Superior Ale

This Pale Ale's backbone is its Vienna GoldPils base malt that gives it a sweet, refreshing flavor. To complement the malt we added some Cascade and Mosaic hops. These hops give it an amazing grapefruit and citrus flavor and aroma.


Michigan IPA

This IPA starts with its delicious Pale and Caramel malts that give it a tasty sweetness and its orange color. We chose to add Amarillo, Citra, and Centennial hops to this beer to give it a fruity yet herbal hop character. Its flavor will leave you wanting more!


Ontario Porter

"Robust" is the best way to describe our Porter. We chose Maris Otter for our base malt to give it a unique cereal and biscuit flavor. The Black and Chocolate malts give it hints of chocolate and coffee. A modest Magnum hop addition balances out the malt. Dark, rich, and inviting, this Porter is deliciousness in a glass.


Erie Stout

Who doesn't love a good cascading Nitro beer? The nitrogen not only makes this beer look amazing but gives it a creamy mouthfeel like no other. We used Black and Dark Chocolate malts to give it a chocolate and roasted flavor. Oats are also added for body and flavor. Magnum hops are added to work in harmony with the malts for a well-balanced Stout.


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